Sep 17, 2010

1 female 2 males (best formation ever for a band)

i don't know why i really love a band consisting 1 female and 2 males as its line up. i think, it's the best formation ever for a band. and here are some '1 female 2 males' bands that i already find.


Elle Milano

Rainer Maria

Dear Reader


The Subways

The Narrative

Rosie and Me

I hope someday I'll have this formation for my band.

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  1. Pondra, ini pas banget kalo band kamu komposisinya Vika, mas Itok and kmu..
    may your dream come true :)

  2. trims ya Ikha..
    may your dream come true too.. :-)

  3. The xx counts! I love The xx! ajajajajajaja :D
    eh Yeah Yeah Yeahs juga!

  4. wahh, nice info ndra.
    kapan-kapan aku harus denger mereka nihh :D

  5. @mb Puspa: iya juga ya, The XX amd YYY juga personilnya 1 cewek 2 cowok.. hehe

    @Rena: sama-sama Ren.. tapi ini kebanyakan Indie lho.. hhe

  6. @puspa: how abt the kikis, rendis and ardians??? cute enough, eh? or start with nde-kikis, nde-pus, and nde-son? ahahahaha

    @pondra: are u quite sure this 2m-1f formation will support your band? hihihihi only one female will give you some problems when it comes to her period! oh...oh moreover when she is the vocalist hehehe

  7. @mb Rizky: nde-Kikis nya bagus mbak, lha kalo nde-Pus nde-Son i piye gitu lho didengar di telinga.. hehehe
    ini formasi bagus mbak..
    gak tau kenapa kok dari dulu aku suka formasi kayak gini. hehe


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