Oct 9, 2010

'Unedited' Breadcrumps

i always think that i obviously lose everything when I'm at the bottom of everything.

but then i realize..
that i have so many things in my life

i have my great family,
they always come to me when I'm lost

i have my dear friends,
they always cheer me when I'm left

i have my own self,
my own best friend when I'm on my own

i have my two eyes
to see the beauty

i have my two ears
to hear beautiful melodies

i have my mouth
to speak wisely

i have my two arms
to help and hold my beloved arms

i have my two legs
to run and catch my dreams

and i have my soul and body
to make everything seems possible to reach

and obviously, i still have God
and thank to Him
for granting me this worth life to live in..

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