Oct 27, 2013

Frightening Dream - An Old House With Full-European Antiques and Family Paintings On Its Living room

Have you ever dreamt the same place twice on your sleep? how does it feel? For me, it's awkwardly strange and mystical. After you open your eyes you will be reminded by the image of things you already dreamt before, and that's really strange. I can say that because i did yesterday - dreaming about the same old house's living room which i ever dreamt before. Not an ordinary living room, but an old antique living room.

As i woke, i subtly recognize that place on my sleepy mind long time ago. It was an old less-spacious house painted in white and decorated with all-European antiques. More importantly, it had a lot of paintings (or perhaps photos) on its wall. I am sure that those were family portraits paintings. Kinda odd to know lot of paintings or portraits hanging on that old house's living room.

The story started as i entered to the house with my sister. I can't remember why we came in. I think we didn't find any exit path to the main street or the other place. I always thought that the house was located in Sarpon - an area near SMP N 10 in my hometown. I couldn't be certain bout that, but i don't know why my mind said so about that location. I entered from the backdoor and i could clearly see the room and the other door on the right side. It was painted in brown and dark glasses if i wasn't mistaken.

Then as i moved deeper and look at those family portraits on the wall, i glance a big well-framed painting on the center top. Suddenly i was paralyzed and collapsed instantly to the floor right after seeing that main painting. In fact, i didn't get the image of that painting but i felt that my whole body couldn't move on the ground. The house owner then appeared. I didn't know exactly how he looked like - i guess he wore glasses.

He told me that it was the painting of an old lady. I supposed that lady was the mistress. He also told me that the painting was too 'powerful' for me. Yeah, it had mystical and supernatural power that made myself collapsed after seeing that painting. Felt like possessed i guess, but still i got my consciousness. Seriously, it was spooky and frightening. As i woke up, i still felt that creepiness.

However, i still find myself curious for the location. Of course, it is because that living room appeared twice on my sleep. I write this thing on my blog to remind me the image of that living room. Perhaps, someday i will figure out that place on the real world. Hope, it will not be frightening as what i dreamt before, and i hope i won't be collapsed on the third time at the end.

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