Nov 28, 2013

Songs To Start The Day

As you wake up in the morning, your day awaits. But somehow, you feel so heavy to jump off from your bed and start your daily routine. It's a normal feeling cos everyone ever feels that way. On that kind of situation, sometimes music does help. With its strange magical effect, music can boast up your day and make yourself more optimistic to start that day - for me, it works eventually.

These are four songs that I always listen to start my day. As usual, I walk down the street, plug my earphone on and play the playlist. Thankfully, it helps boasting up my mood instantly - even when my heart was broken the day before.

1. Joshua Radin - Beautiful Day 

The first track is the calmest one. Played acoustically in a mid-tempo, Beautiful Day by Joshua Radin tries to tell you that it's gonna be a beautiful day. So don't be afraid, don't haste your life, just enjoy your time.

Let's not forget we're alive, he reminds us that even when the hard times come, there's still a thing we can be grateful of: that we're still alive. And if we want to take our time looking closer to see the things we already have, we will find that there are plenty things we can be grateful of. In the end, we become more optimistic to overcome that hardship - such a brilliant meaning! And here is my favourite line among others: what's broken gets stronger when it mends. In life, there's always a reason for being broken - it gives you strength after your heart heals in the end. That's the day when your heart finally becomes wiser and stronger.

2. A Fine Frenzy - Now Is The Start

What! Alison Sudol goes blonde and electric? does it seem weird? well, not really. In fact, this single is still amazing like always - But it becomes more cheerful, energetic and of course optimistic (good news, isn't it?).

The first verse: Do you hear that sound? It's the sound of the lost gone found, it's the sound of the mute gone loud, it's the sound of the new start, does really bring optimistic feeling to start the day. She also adds this heart-soothing words on the bridge before the last part: new start, in the end there is a new heart. Attention for broken hearted lover! you can relate this lyric with your life! It's up to you to decide, whether finding someone new after breakup or holding on with the one you still love but with a new heart. Whatever it is, everyday is a new start.

3. Katie Herzig - Best Day Of Your Life

The song that makes me want to clap my hand. Yup, if you listen carefully you will hear the clapping hands sound on the back, and that makes you want to do the same. For me, the musical composition is really unique but it still doesn't lose the cheerfulness. In addition, the trembling voice of Katie Herzig really gives awesomeness into the song, which consequently makes the song more meaningful. I like the way when she sings, Don't mind leaving your nest, don't mind making a mess, this might be the best day of your life - these lines try to encourage us to be more courageous starting the day and not be afraid if we make mistakes on what we do. Just give the best we can do because that day could be the best day of our life.

4. The Weepies - Happiness

*the music video is not the album cover (what a shame)

The first impression once the intro begins: what a very cheerful acoustic-pop song! Sung by lovely voice of Deb Talan, this music really brings happiness for anyone who listens - including me. Moreover, the lyric saying 'it's a mean town, but I don't care, try and steal this. can't still happiness' on the refrain gives me such a happy imagery: even though the town you live in brings you down and steals the things you have (not always goods, it can be your love maybe?), but it still cannot steal your happiness. What a nice meaning of it.  

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