Dec 20, 2013

Love Songs (these can be perfect for wedding songs)

When it comes to love, everything seems beautiful. It simply changes your perspective in seeing life. You feel everything around you is wonderful - just frankly indescribable. Although words sometimes are not adequate describing that feeling but somehow songs can be perfect companion to express it. These are some songs telling perfectly about being in love. I guess, these are perfect songs also to listen on this season of love.

1. Sarah McLachlan - Ice Cream

Simple but sweeter than ice cream - at least for your heart, ears and soul, not your tongue. Beside Angel, this is one of my favorite songs from Sarah McLachlan. Though it only takes several minutes, but it captures beautifully the feeling of being in love.

2. Ben Rector - Falling In Love

Another catchy with short duration song about love. Simple tune but captivates excellently the emotion of being in love. Completed with nicely played guitar strumming and singing, this song becomes perfect soundtrack for anyone who tastes the joy of love.

3. Eastmountainsouth - So Are You To Me

Simple, emotional and beautiful - adequate words to describe the song. Once i listen to this song, i can feel the emotion nakedly written into beautiful music and lyric. Moreover, the lines saying so are you to me sounds pretty poetic to be said for lovers. Without any doubt, Kat Maslich-Bod and Peter Bradley Adams are excellent pair in writing and singing love song.

4. Marie Hines - Always Been You

Another cheerful song about falling in love. I like the tempo, the climax, the vocal, the rhythm, the melody, the lyric and the rest elements i haven't mentioned yet. In fact, Marie Hines' clear vocal can flawlessly express the feeling of being in love. It magically turns the combination of music and lyric into hope and warm feeling right to the heart - just perfect song to accompany yourself on your love-filled day.

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