Dec 23, 2013

Most-Listened 2013 Albums

Finally, the end of 2013 is near - still, it's hard to believe that the year flew so fast. For me, this year offered a lot of great things to learn due to so many lessons i had to face to improve myself better. I still remember the day when i wrote something about the "changing of thing" on the first month of 2013. On that writing, I made an explanation of some musicians who changed their band name on this year - Kinda odd to know that there are more than one musician who change the name at the same year. At the end of the writing, i concluded that lessons could be learned as well from changing into something new.

Changing is a nature's law and all of us just can't escape from it. Luckily, that nature's law also visited me this year. Consequently, i had to adjust my life to adapt that something new. Without any doubt, there were so many rise and fall feelings during that period, but thanks God i could enjoy that moment and survive until now. During that process, i was accompanied also by excellent albums that could really cheer me up and trace good memories of 2013. So then, i kindly present my top ten albums released on 2013 that i always listened during the good or not-so good time.

10. Streetlight Manifesto - The Hands That Thieve

*this album had successfully encouraged myself to be brave in making a change. feel so lucky to discover Streetlight Manifesto.

09. Matt Pond - The Lives Inside The Lines In Your Hand

(indie rock/acoustic/singer-songwriter)
*although he dropped his PA off from his (band) name, but Matt Pond still plays good indie music.

08. Frightened Rabbit - Pedestrian Verse

(indie rock/acoustic/alternative)
*their Scottish tune is something different for me. 

07. Joshua Radin - Wax Wings

*first rule to enjoy this album: be in love!

06. The Wild - Dreams Are Maps

(folk/punk/indie rock)
*this folk-punk band teaches me to appreciate the value of family, friendship and life, enjoy each moment and dare to make an adventure and difference.

05. Ruth Moody - These Wilder Things

(folk/acoustic/female vocalist)
*Ruth Moody is my favorite among the Jennys, and this album is a great female vocal folk album of 2013.

04. Toh Kay - The Hands That Thieve

*the acoustic version of Streetlight Manifesto. for me, this album is ten times lovelier and more encouraging that the ska punk version.

03. Gregory Alan Isakov - The Weatherman

*read the album review on my previous post, and you will be in love with this excellent album.

02. Clarice Falc√£o - Monomania 

(acoustic/folk/female vocalist)
*felt in love instantly when i saw this Brazilian girl picture on the internet. and now, i just can't get enough with her music (and beauty).

01. Laura Stevenson - Wheel

(indie rock/acoustic/female vocalist)
*all of Laura Stevenson's albums can boost up my mood during the not-so good day. this album is kinda heavier that her previous, but still i enjoy the album really much.

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