Dec 31, 2014

Albums of the Year 2014

I remember that i used to listen 'This Year' by The Mountain Goats as the year began. It was a sort of interesting acoustic song driven by monotonous drum beat that was easy to hum to. Besides, I found an interesting line as well that said something like this; 'I'm gonna make it through this year, if it kills me'. Such an evoking lyric to start the year.

I wondered then, would this year bring something more exciting and lively than the year before? Or would it bring something burdening till the end? The answer revealed after i came through. Twelve months were needed to understand the answer of my question. Twelve months were needed to tell myself that this was the year that i could finally survive of.

The year was full of unpredictable scenes. It was surely made of amazing happiness and detailed by some downfalls and grievances. It was the year of unforgettable moments; environmental movement volunteering, new job, upside-down love life, family lost, baby born, and many other things that made this year imperfectly meaningful. It was the year that was full of tear, but somehow, joy could still fitted in. Whatever this year came by, i finally could make it. This year seemed like killing me, but thankfully i didn't die instead. All the things happened, and they remind me to be more grateful for every single thing. This was the year that taught me about life to live in, to let go something i barely had control over it, and to move on for the new life in front of me.

And these are newly released albums that i mostly listened to accompany myself during my life-sailing on the year 2014. These are the albums that coincidentally successful coloring my life. 

10. Colbie Caillat - Gypsy Heart 

(pop/acoustic/female vocalist)

Somehow, Colbie reminds me to my friend who has similar face with her. And i think that is the reason why i listen to her songs. However, Gypsy Heart is a kind of pop album that can be enjoyed by everyone; easy to listen, danceable beat, hummingable tune, pretty vocal, and of course beautiful face.

09. Sleeping At Last - Atlas: Ocean [EP]


Another ambitious project after 'Yearbook'. Unlike 'Yearbook' which is named by the name of each month, Atlas tries capturing geographical elements into the name of each EP. 'Oceans' is one of them. Composed by 5 tracks with the name of 5 oceans in the world; Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern, Arctic, the album successfully creates amazing piano-based instrumental music. Each song successfully visualizes the enigmatic and  majestic charm of the ocean. Such an excellent album for mind-wandering!

08. Tigers Jaws - Charmer

(indie rock/pop punk/emo)

I thought this band existed no more, but i was proofed wrong. They finally returned into pop punk scene again with this nice album. Although only 2 members left, but they still made an interesting album to listen.

07. Pompeii - LOOM

(indie rock/indie/post-rock)

I was surprised to know that this band finally released their new album though they failed the kickstarter project; such a good surprise actually. Moreover they returned with more post-rockish tune that made the album pretty nice. 

06. Accents - Tall Tales

(alternative/indie rock/acoustic)

Have you ever wondered that as you grow older, sometimes you do not get what you've already dreamed of as you were a kid? Accents tries to emphasize and rationalize that theme in a positive way. They try telling the listeners that still there are so many things in life to be grateful for.  

05. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Christmas Island

(indie rock/acoustic/folk punk)

The latest album of Andrew Jackson Jihad and the most popish among others. I always like the way how they combine folk and punk altogether. Although they put more instrumentation, but the acoustic tune still can be heard. And it made the album more interesting. 

04. Abby Gundersen - Time Moves Quickly


Abby Gundersen realizes that time surely moves quickly and passes everything behind. Through this album, she tries to capture the stillness of each moment. She successfully does. Everytime i listen to the music, i feel drowned into the moment of my present life. Such captivating classical-piano based album!  

03. Noah Gundersen - Ledges


The year 2014 wasn't complete without this album. Along with his sister Abby Gundersen, Noah Gundersen played pretty good mature folk song to listen. With little bit sound of indie rock, this album can be a good companion for spending leisure time or doing some stuff. 

02. Peter Bradley Adams - The Mighty Storm


As always, Peter Bradley Adams impressed me with his beautifully crafted folk songs. His musical style didn't change really much, but that was the formula that made the album powerful. This was the second time i bought music from the internet, and it was worth the buy.   

01. Cloud Cult - Unplug


This album successfully summed up my year of 2014; an Unplug album from Cloud Cult with songs containing beautiful and philosophical meaning. The Songs covered such themes including welcoming baby born, letting go the death of family member, becoming more responsible in life, and other reflective yet optimistic theme. And yes, those are the things that i had been through on the year 2014.

For me, personally, this album is more like a reminder to deal with reality. I just feel grateful for having a chance to know this acoustic album. Like i said as always, it is the music that finds the listeners. And i think Unplug has already found its listener.

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