May 14, 2013

Music for Flying

Flight is not always boring, as long as we can enjoy the trip and make us entertained. Even, flight can give us amazing experience toward our inner self if we find the right way to kill the time. For me, the best way to enjoy the moment during the flight is, listening to music. Sounding cliché as usual, but trust me, it's a blissful way to enjoy the moment during the flight than anything else. In fact, listening to music is extremely cheaper rather than buying some foods from Airplane menu; which is expensive as hell.

From what i experienced before, i find some amazing music that can bring journey toward my inner self. A journey that will not only bring peace, happiness, and self gratitude, but an inner self journey that can reveal my astonishment toward God's glory in a very conscious condition. Am i sounding too exaggerated? well no. Just trying to be more rational and emotional and the same time.

So these are some music that have magical power to boost myself up during my flight experience.

1. First Breath After Coma by Explosions in the Sky
Perfect music for the take off part. Surely, i still remember how it felt during the take off while playing this music on my flight mode cellphone. The music began with heart-beat like twinkling guitar while the plane was running fast across the base. At the moment the plane took off the ground, the bass part came; the part when the whole music played filling the void. It was like cinematic experience in which the life soundtrack played during the plane flew away from the ground. I held my breath for a quick second at that time, just to realize how perfect timing it was. Overall, it was an unnatural experience, a precise moment of excitement, and a cinematic enjoyment.

2. Dived by Balmorhea
The best music to listen thousand feet above the ground. The music began with vigorous and progressive strings, piano, and drum altogether, that could make the music successfully boosted up my triumphant heart which was sleeping very deep inside. When the heart already woke up, it could see clearly the God's majesty through the vast blue sky outside. I was just amazed with what happened to me at that time. I felt warm and nostalgic the whole time.  Just a strange feeling on the air i guess. Moreover, gazing the moving clouds when the humming part of the music came up was one of the most perfect and epic moments caused by post-rock music that I've experienced so far. Truly, i can say that this song is a masterpiece.

3. In the Aeroplane over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel
Don't forget also for Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane over the Sea. I listened this song at the moment when the plane was flying above the sea (or strait perhaps). Although i didn't get any spiritual experience like the other two, but at least the title expressed explicitly what i experienced. Oh and i guessed the lyric could remind me as well that i should be more grateful of my life: "but for now we are young let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see".

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  1. ah i see. M Ward and Zoey. what title is it anyway?

  2. but please switch your phone to 'flight mode' whenever you fly :)

  3. @Nindya: i'm checking it after reading your comment. nice song anyway. so indie pop.

    @Rizqi: the best advice people must notice. :)

  4. Lil bit disappointed for not seeing any review at ur blog about Tori Amos, Bjork, and Fiona Apple. But I would like to read anything that u write about them, esp. women outside the mainstream music )

  5. Daaammnnn, I can't believe someone can "be more rational and emotional and the same time."

    Btw, itu 100 hal yang layak disyukuri udah bisa 100. Waw betapa konsistennya, inget dulu pengen bikin kayak gitu tapi cuma semangat di awal -_-

  6. hahaha. yes you can, if you meet God along the way. :)

    wah iya donk. harus dikonsisteni. kalo enggak ya terbengkalai di jalan. ayo Cahyo bikin yg kayak gitu2. tema lain malah lebih bagus, tips2 cinta misalnya. haha

  7. Hmmm... itu kayak kamu mempertarungkan otak dan hati dan berharap dua2nya menang (?)

    Tema cinta? Plis deh emoh Mas, aku kan mau kritis-reflektif biar kayak Mas Rizki. *nggombal*. Dulu kan rencana bikinnya 100 hal menyenangkan di kampus atau semacamnya (ingat dulu awal aktif blogging kan semester awal), tapi rupanya aku terlena kesenangan di kampus tapi nggak ditulis, wahahaha.


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